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In & Out Alive
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In & Out Alive

Registre-se, ganhe moedas e ganhe uma In & Out Alive CD Key grátis. Depois de obter moedas suficientes, você pode trocá-las por um código de ativação e inicie o download In & Out Alive no Steam.

Lista de chaves digitais recentemente obtidas por nossos usuários, todas as licenças são de G2A.com:

No Plataforma Fornecedor Código de ativação Jogo
1 Steam H9UH2-X4LC2-T7AB4 In & Out Alive
2 Steam L3YR1-C2OB7-C3WL3 In & Out Alive
3 Steam T1BP2-M4XS1-F5CN6 In & Out Alive
4 Steam W2QM3-W2UA2-R8RA5 In & Out Alive
5 Steam U7XI7-P6NW8-N8AH7 In & Out Alive

Como obter uma CD Key gratuitamente

1 - O primeiro passo é registrar-se como membro
2 - Vá para a página "Ganhe Moedas"
3 - Escolha uma oferta e complete-a com informações válidas
4 -Após a conclusão, suas moedas serão automaticamente concedidas à sua conta e você pode obter In & Out Alive grátis

Sobre este jogo

You can play as a Lone Wolf (Solo / Singlplayer) or in a group (MultiPlayer). Your main goal is to obtain the lost Artefact within the chosen area. In the area youve chosen are the enemies and they dont want you to obtain their artefact. So you have to fight for your own life. Enemies: 1. Beast -> Tank type of Monster, with decent amount of health and with big claws, which does a pretty solid damage. He is a close range monster. 2. Patient -> Not a very smart entity. He likes walking around, but if he sees you, then he will chase after you, gives average damage, few bullets can take him down. 3. Porter -> Something like a mage, but not as smart, the only spell he knows how to summon a fireball, that aims at you and he can teleport himself somewhere that is close to you. He is really annoying and hard to hit. He can be taken down by few bullets. But you must hit him first (Its hard to hit him). 4. Keeper -> Has good Health and gives even better Damage. his only goal is to keep his artefact all for himself. And he will track you from the moment you will arrive, to the moment you will leave. But be aware! If you pick up the artefact, he will get in "rage mode" (2x Health,2x Damage) If this is too easy for you, you can make it harder in lobby by sellecting higher difficulty (adds more enemy damage, as well as ability to regenerate their health if their are not fighting) Or you can give yourself less time to achieve your main goal (finding artefact) You can choose from 3 avatar options: A. Tiffany: Has Medium Hp and Damage. Shes eqquiped with her favorite weapon the "MP5", with total of 150 deadly bullets, as for her second best friend there is P320 With xx? bullets,and of course nobody can go on a mission without knife, and in the darkest areas, you would like to see something, so you can use the flashlight attached to her shoulder. B. Scout: Big fan of M4A4 (with xx bullets prepared to be used) and a Colt 1911 (with xx bullets also prepared to be used), he has a sharp knife, ready for this job and also has a flashlight. C. Igor : No Face, no skin to be seen, just a suit. but he is cool (i hope so) carrying an Ak (xx Rounds) and with his favorite handgun Baretta(xx Rounds). Also has a knife (I half expected it to be made out of wood) but he is sharp... at least he said he is. (Also owns Flashlight attached to his left Shoulder) Areas: 1. Area 1 -> Secret Laboratory, with big Corridors, lots of doors and plenty of space. 2. Area 2 -> Pyramid in Desert. You have to find a way into the middle of the pyramid, to face the Special Artefact keeper, if you defeat him, you can pick up the artefact and leave. More maps will be added in updates.

Fonte: In & Out Alive - SteamPowered.com

Requisitos de sistema

  • SO: Windows 10
  • Processador: intel i5 3470
  • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
  • Placa de vídeo: Geforce GTX 970
  • DirectX: Versão 11
  • Armazenamento: 9 GB de espaço disponível
  • Placa de som: On Board
  • Compatibilidade com RV: None
  • Outras observações: None
Não disponível.
Não disponível.

Instruções para ativar as Steam Keys

1 - Descarrega e instala o cliente Steam no teu PC.
2 - Abre o cliente Steam, faz o login e localiza o separador Jogos no menu na parte superior. Clica aqui e seleciona “Ativar um produto em Steam…”
3 - Insira a sua chave do produto (Product Key) que é exibido no e-mail e segue as instruções para ativar.
4 - O teu jogo pode agora ser visualizado no separador “Biblioteca” e estará disponível para descarregamento/instalação quando estiveres pronto

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