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First Person Hooper
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First Person Hooper

Registre-se, ganhe moedas e ganhe uma First Person Hooper CD Key grátis. Depois de obter moedas suficientes, você pode trocá-las por um código de ativação e inicie o download First Person Hooper no Steam.

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No Plataforma Fornecedor Código de ativação Jogo
1 Steam H4VG8-A6SR9-Z2YW6 First Person Hooper
2 Steam O6LE5-G2UX2-Z5UA2 First Person Hooper
3 Steam A9XJ7-D9LJ3-F5NQ9 First Person Hooper
4 Steam Q6YL5-P8SO4-H3FP2 First Person Hooper
5 Steam C5BJ7-G4CA7-J9LL6 First Person Hooper

Como obter uma CD Key gratuitamente

1 - O primeiro passo é registrar-se como membro
2 - Vá para a página "Ganhe Moedas"
3 - Escolha uma oferta e complete-a com informações válidas
4 -Após a conclusão, suas moedas serão automaticamente concedidas à sua conta e você pode obter First Person Hooper grátis

Sobre este jogo

First Person Hooper is a skill based, arcade-style basketball game focused on the jump shot. Featuring first-person shooter controls with a lock-on system similar to modern FPS games, players can easily shoot the ball with power & timing mechanics relative to location on the court. Score with movement bonuses and get rewarded with power-ups for every swish and bank shot you make. Get shots up in a relaxed island setting and customize the court to fit your mood. Includes score, time-attack, and free play modes.

  • ARCADE (Score Attack) - Score in creative ways to achieve the highest score possible within a chosen time limit
  • SPOT UP (Time Attack) - Make shots from designated spots on the court and record your fastest time
  • ZEN (Free Play) - Relax and shoot at your leisure, perfect your jump shot, and view stats in realtime

  • Shot-power and timing mechanic that adjusts to your movement
  • Lock-on aiming system for quick & easy shot making
  • Multiple scoring variations such as perfect releases, swishes, bankshots, fadeaways, and more
  • Additional skill level for hoopers that prefer manual control
  • Ball, court, hoop, and crosshair customization
  • Stat sheet and shot chart that tracks shot types & percentages
  • In-game secrets, bonuses, and special zones
  • Scoring multipliers up to 4x when making consecutive shots
  • Ability to power-up your shot for a guaranteed make
  • Semi-realistic basketball physics
  • Lefty option for left-handed players
  • Options to customize the interface and game experience
  • Online leaderboards for Arcade and Spot Up modes
  • Designed for replayability to master the jump shot, beat your best times and record high scores
  • Ultrawide monitor support and refresh rate options
  • Lo-fi instrumental hiphop soundtrack by hypoetical
  • Steam Cloud - Synchronization of High Scores
  • Steam Leaderboards - Top 10, Global, and Friends
  • Steam Achievements - 15 with more to come
  • Full Controller Support - Built with gamepad users in mind
If youre interested in buying First Person Hooper, please know that its a small game solo developed by one person, Ejo of Starch Digital, a hobbyist basketball fan and player. He wanted to create a game that captured the joy of shooting hoops at the park while adding fun video game elements to the experience. This is not a AAA game made with hundreds of hours of content, but one that can grow with you as your skills improve, and one you can replay in short bursts or longer sessions.

All questions, comments, and problems will be taken to heart and addressed as soon as possible! Your feedback and suggestions are welcome and future gameplay updates and modes will be free in hopes to expand the game into the ultimate solo hoops experience. Also, if you do enjoy the game, please let the world know, every word helps! ????

Fonte: First Person Hooper - SteamPowered.com

Requisitos de sistema

  • Requer um processador e sistema operacional de 64 bits
  • SO: Windows 10
  • Processador: Dual-core CPU @ 2GHz
  • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
  • Placa de vídeo: GeForce GT 630 / 640M or AMD Radeon HD 7450
  • Armazenamento: 2 GB de espaço disponível
  • Outras observações: Online connection required for Leaderboards
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Instruções para ativar as Steam Keys

1 - Descarrega e instala o cliente Steam no teu PC.
2 - Abre o cliente Steam, faz o login e localiza o separador Jogos no menu na parte superior. Clica aqui e seleciona “Ativar um produto em Steam…”
3 - Insira a sua chave do produto (Product Key) que é exibido no e-mail e segue as instruções para ativar.
4 - O teu jogo pode agora ser visualizado no separador “Biblioteca” e estará disponível para descarregamento/instalação quando estiveres pronto

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